Why are these posts turning into commentary on recent events of crazy precipitation? Then again, I guess the weather is something people use to start small talk with others. I guess I’m no different then.

Despite all the rain, I was never without power at any point at my house, and I say at my house since I was on my Spring Break that past week. A break which was, by the way, quite the uneventful/unproductive break. Very restful though, which is not such a terrible thing (at least to me).

The old stomping grounds on a beautiful spring day.

Thankfully, this past week has been absolutely *awesome* weather-wise. Meaning I’ve been taking the opportunity to get some walking time around campus to clear my head and take some more photos. I still have to take a closer look at them, but being able to walk around outside without a coat made it worth the little trip anyway.

And my thesis show is in just a little more than a month. I hope it hits me soon, otherwise I might be in trouble.

The logo for the show, designed by Irene Wu.

And finally, I finished the anime Soul Eater over the weekend. Honestly I was prepared for the worst after hearing how terrible the ending was from a couple of people. It wasn’t bad in a soul-crushing depressing kind of way, but rather in a painfully cliche and predictable kind of way. I’m not sure which is worse anymore…otherwise I really enjoyed it. Check it out because all the episodes are online for free!


Till next time~