Chances are pretty good that if you live somewhere in the United States, the one thing you are surrounded by right now is snow. And you’re either totally psyched about it or beyond sick of it. As for myself, I’m actually not sure which category I fall into… (as it is snowing outside while I’m typing this)

Either way, copious amounts of snow equals opportunities for playing in it outside like a little kid, and by playing in it I mean taking pictures in it, of course. Which I did.

The aftermath...and the pixels.

Hopefully I can upload some more shots to the works page after I go through them and convert the file types. Expect lots of…blue. And white. But mostly blue.

So on a sort-of-art-related-but-not-really kind of note, over the break I was able to finally track down a copy of a video game that I haven’t played for years. Having almost forgot how awesome it is, I started playing Shadow Hearts: Covenant at the beginning of the semester.

Artbooks! ❤

It’s not something I really incorporate in my artwork, but one of my big hobbies/borderline addictions is video games, particularly RPGs. Drawing and copying video game art was the main way I taught myself to draw growing up.  And I’ve always been fascinated with the worlds these games created and the stories they told. Art direction and story are two of the strongest aspects of Shadow Hearts (the script is probably one of the best I’ve experienced in a video game), and the characters are very well developed. It also helps that the gameplay is not too shabby either.

The absolute best characteristic of this game? It hardly ever takes itself seriously. It knows that its characters are out there, the scenarios are usually completely crazy, and any game that is dripping with sarcasm is a winner in my book. But when Shadow Hearts isn’t being humorous, it nails pretty much every other emotion it goes for. Like all good art should.

And yes, that means that this game did make me cry. I am not ashamed to admit it either!

…Stay tuned for more snow pictures! In the meantime, go look up some stuff about Shadow Hearts if you’re into console RPGs. Heck, look it up even if you don’t think you like RPGs. It might change your mind…

Shadow Hearts: Covenant official site